Head Check  ------- $25
Delousing Treatment ----- $115

 {Follow up included in service}
{Head Check fee will be applied to service}

Accept: Out of network Insurance

Teachers and Families 3 or more receive 10% Discount on Treatment service. 


We now offer Home Service for Marin County only Pricing differ from salon. Please call for quote.

Delousing service is followed up by a courtesy head check, must comply within seven to ten day of time of your service, if not done so it will no longer be valid. Since follow up service is a courtesy it’s your responsibility to honor your appointment failed to do so your missed appointment or rescheduling you will be charged the service fee $20.00 no exceptions

Medical Insurance Often Covers Lice Treatments. You can use FSA or HSA. Please inquire with your insurance company.

Delousing Treatment in Marin County

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How it's done

At Buggie Nix, we use all natural, non-toxic oils, for treatments to get rid of unwanted head lice.  Hair will be sectioned off in four equal parts while we methodically work through each thin strand of  hair with a fine tooth-comb. During this process we comb out any nits, eggs and lice.  

We guarantee Customer Satisfaction!

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