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What is Buggie Nix Covid practices?​

 Our clinical salon always pratice sterilization and through disinfection. We follow State board sanitization

We honor social distancing and allow one family at a time for service in our salon. We ask you and all your family members wear your face mask when entering the salon and receiving services. 

Q:How does Buggienix do it ?

A: Buggienix is made to be a convenient as possible for our clients. A trained technician will , checks everyone for louse and treat anyone found to be infested. The technician can answer any louse related questions you may have and can provide detailed advice on proper home cleaning and prevention.We suggest a follow up appointment in 4-6 days to ensure that all stages of head louse have been removed. We offer a one month warranty after a follow-up appointment.  

Q: What are head louse and how do you get them?

A: Louse are human parasites which can only survive on human heads by feeding from human blood, Louse don't jump or fly, they crawl fast. 

 They are passed through direct contact only. The most common ways are:

-Sharing combs, brushes, hats, towels, and clothing

- Sharing Infested furniture such as beds, couches, and car seats

-Physical contact such as hugging, playing, and combing hair

Q: Can my child go back to school after your service?

A: In most cases children can return to school after the first treatment. Following even the most intensive first treatment a few non-viable eggs shells can remain. Please inform your technician if your child is trying to return to a school with a no-nit policy so the technician may spend extra time combing and hand searching for nit casings. Unfortunately, this purely cosmetic process can take hours of time even after the infestation is completely removed. Both the American Association of Pediatrics and the National Association of School Nurses advocate that "no-nit" policies should be discontinued. We do not guarantee entry into no nit policy schools. 

Q:  Are your services confidential ?

 A: Yes! We take client privacy seriously we Never Ever share any of your information with anyone.  

Q: Why you need a follow-up appointment?

A: Louse are extremely small when they hatch from the nits and they are  small for any nit combs to grab.  A follow-up appointment is recommended 4-6 day later to remove any lice that may have been missed due to it's size. In 3-6 days any baby louse would be large enough to remove but not old enough to start laying eggs.  A follow-up appointment can provide 100% certainty that the louse has been completely removed.

Q: Are your treatments guaranteed to get rid of our head louse? None of the over the counter products can?

A: Of course. We never have a problem to get rid of head louse or that we were unable to cure.  The problem with the OTC delousing products is that have built resistance to the main ingredients  

Q: Are any products or chemical used for checks?

A: No, all checks are performed dry with clean, separate, combs.